Earn Pocket Money. Sell Your Crafts Online.

Welcome to our site which is a dedicated space where parents can help their children sell kids crafts online. This is the online craft fair for kids and teenagers. This is where children can sell their crafts. A great opportunity for children to earn pocket money online.


How Kids Crafts Fair Works

The idea behind Kids Craft Fair.com is very simple. Kids and teens love to make pocket money, right? Also, kids love to make crafts. Why not combine the two? Kids love kids crafts fairs, but kids crafts fairs are seasonal or occasional.

Children cannot easily sell items on Etsy, Amazon, or Ebay. So, why not have a place where kids and teens can sell their crafts online. Now, of course, children cannot sell by themselves and we do not want any personal information pertaining to children on our site – so it’s the kid’s parents who sell the crafts, on their behalf.

Joining KidsCraftFair.com is free! We do charge a 10% commission on all sales. This covers web hosting and my time. If you have a price in mind for your craft, just add 10% 😉

Please see our Important Notice below regarding COPPA legislation. We will not tolerate use of this site by children alone.

We believe that there is a real need for an online place where kids and teenagers can sell their crafts, gain confidence, learn business skills, learn responsibilities and have fun. Also, in this global community, most kids have uncles, aunts and other family living abroad – who would love to participate by buying their crafts.


Your Kids Crafts Store – Kids Sale

You can easily set up an online store on our site to sell your kids crafts. Simply navigate to the Register page to set up a kids sale. You can register by entering a Username, Password, and E-mail. We will review your account (typically within 24 hours) and approve for use, after which you can set up your very own kids crafts store. Next, you can easily upload products, set pricing, shipping terms etc. We recommend you keep it local – keep shipping within your state for example to simplify the process. You can make this statement in your shipping terms. All payments are conducted through our secure Paypal payment provider.


Craft Ideas For Kids and Teens

Why not browse or add craft ideas for kids to our Forum, or browse our Ideas section.


Kids Crafts Fairs Near Me? Shipping Made Simple

Looking for crafts fairs near you. You’ve found it!!! Looking for a Children’s crafts fair in New York, NYC, NY? We have just added a category here. Now you don’t have to calculate those pesky shipping rates! We will add categories for other states soon.


Click on ‘Buy Crafts’ or Register to sell your own.

Kidscraftfair.com is the home for kids crafts fairs online – a community where parents can help their kids’ sell crafts online. An etsy for kids. Essentially this is a virtual kids craft fair to sell crafts made by kids and teens, earn pocket money and develop business skills. You can set up a craft shop/store for your kids, upload product images, set prices, stock levels and manage the business online.


Important Notice from Kids Crafts Fair.com

Under no circumstances must you allow a child (under 13 years) to set up their own account. Additionally, you must not allow disclosure of any personal identifying information about your child. This is to ensure compliance with COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule). This site must always be used under direct adult supervision. Any suspected use of this site by children (under 13 years) will result in account closure. I state again, this site is strictly for use by parents/guardians of children.