This has happened as a result of my slight pompom obsession😆 I was sent the cutest mini pompoms and blank phone case by La Petite Epicerie – craft shop based in France that is full of pretty stuff (I’ve warned you!) This is a super quick diy, I’ve glued the pompoms to the case with […]

Photos of my country (20): Moroccan crafts Since crafts in general constitute a reference to a civilization, an art and a culture of an entire nation. Moroccan craftsmanship also reflects an enormous heritage and has especially an important cultural and human value. Moroccan craftsmanship is the legacy of an Amazigh civilization for thousands of years. […] […]

How Can Kids Make Pocket Money Online There aren’t too many ways that kids can make pocket money online. If we consider the traditional ways that kids make pocket money – chores, tasks for family and neighbours. The concept that is most easily translated to the web is selling crafts. An online children’s craft fair. […]

Craft Fair For Children – All States Hey kids crafters. Good news! We have just added craft store categories for all 50 states. Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, […]

Online Kids Crafts Fairs New York where kids can sell their crafts online

Kids Crafts Fair New York Hey kids crafters. I hope you are all doing great! It has been some time since I posted as I have been busy working on the backend of the site. I have great news. I have decided that in order to simplify shipping costs we are now going to categorise […]

Ideas For Childrens Crafts I see numerous people searching online for childrens’ craft fair ideas. But what about the biggest, most novel idea yet? A virtual childrens’ craft fair. Now your kids can sell their crafts online!

Best Kids Crafts Sites (brought to you by – the online kids craft fair.) Hey, kids crafts enthusiasts. In today’s blog we intend to give you the low down on the best resources the web has to offer for kids crafts ideas. Here goes! I am writing this article for the best kids crafts resources […] is on Facebook   Dear crafters. We have created a Facebook page. Please find us at    

Please search youtube to watch our first video. Search kidscraftfair (no spaces) on YouTube.  It’s  hilarious! I’ll tryou to add a link later -technicall difficulties.

Craft Fair Near Me   Hey Kids Crafters. Looking for a craft fair near you? Well you could always upload your latest creations to But, just in case you would like a day out, I am creating a thread on our KidsCraftFair Forum where people can highlight kids craft fairs in their area.

Welcome to – The Online Kids Craft Fair is an online kids craft fair, where kids can sell their crafts online. Kids love craft fairs. Craft fairs give kids an opportunity to learn business skills, earn pocket money and learn new crafts.   Unfortunately craft fairs are only organised sporadically. Imagine a […]

Sesame street site is a great place to get tips on kids crafts. Forum We just added a forum, where you are free to discuss and exchange ideas /opinions with your fellow members. Enjoy!

First Sale –, where kids can sell their crafts online!   Success at last! It’s been a long road. From learning how to build a website. The many nights up late – working and listening to Bowie. Getting my daughter to make as many bead art items as possible. Uploading them and building the […] –, where kids can sell their crafts online. Another really useful forum where you can learn and share craft ideas – –, where kids can sell their crafts online. I just found this really useful site for all crafters. Search through the forums for great ideas for your kids crafts. Visit

Bead Art Overview Bead art for kids is the process of making items by assembling plastic beads in various shapes. Many kits are available from online retailers. Once assembled in the desired shape, heat is applied with a clothes iron to melt the plastic beads and form a permanent shape. Be sure to use some protective […]

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Overview An overview of how to use this site. This is a simple site built on WordPress. If you would like to browse and buy crafts then simply navigate to the Buy Crafts tab. Buy Kids Crafts When in the ‘Buy Crafts’ section, simply navigate through the various crafts on display and click on any one […]

Welcome to KidsCraftBay. This is the world’s first site where kids’ parents can sell their craft works online! Be the first to Join! You can see a sample craft from my daughter in the shop. Sign up to add your own kids’ crafts.