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Welcome to Kids Craft – Where kids can sell their crafts online!

Kids Craft is an online kids crafts fair, where children can sell their crafts online. 


Children love crafts fairs. Crafts fairs give kids an opportunity to learn business skills, earn pocket money and learn new crafts.


Unfortunately kids crafts fairs are only organised sporadically. Imagine a community where kids could display and advertise their crafts  for sale online at any time. This is the idea behind Kids Craft

Kids Craft – Account Creation

At Kids Craft parents or guardians of kids can set up accounts online. Account creation is simple and straightforward. You can create a crafts store for your kids, upload products, set pricing and shipment terms etc.


My kids have created some cool bead art, which are available to buy. You can create your own categories – anything which is a kids craft is allowed.


Kids Craft  – User Locations

Kids Craft is targeted currently fo users in the USA, because our currency setting is $. However, users from all over the world are welcome to advertise on our site to sell their childrens crafts. Please convert your local prive to $.


Additionally, please include your shipping terms on all products. We recommend you restirict shipping to your state for simplicity!


Kids Crafts Ideas

We feel that children can learn so much by showcasing their crafts online. We have also added an Ideas section to our site.


Kids Crafts Forum

Additionally we have a Forum section. Please feel free to browse and contribute.


Thank you, and happy kids crafting!